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My new short story collectionShadows in the Southis now available at your favorite bookseller. 

From the richly imaginative mind of Caroline Smith, comes a brilliant short story collection that will delight, entertain and enthrall you.

These seven stories weave myth and realism into a modern Southern Gothic world, reimagined. They are filled with the tragedy and struggle of what make us human, always with unexpected twists and turns.

Gripping and darkly funny, these are stories of men and women who know what it means to suffer and remind us of our shared humanity through that experience. Exploring mythos and morality through a contemporary lens, these characters take us on a suspenseful journey wondering just what will happen next with the turn of each page.

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Welcome to Willow Creek Rehabilitation Ranch. Owner and proprietor Katherine Ryan has everything she wants in life—almost. The single mom of two works hard to provide for her children on their Wyoming ranch. She values coffee, books, and her children above all others (not necessarily in that order). Her passion for healing, though, has led her down the path of rehabilitating racehorses and developing a therapeutic riding program for kids. The persistent thorn in her side, however, is that for the last five years her ex-husband, Ethan, has still worked and lived on the property with her.


With a sister who’s a famous Hollywood actress and a business deal that pulls her down to LA, she’s talked into a party where she runs into a man she’s known for most of her life, but has been relegated to a memory. Fate has some strange cards to play after Katherine returns to Wyoming, however, and life on the ranch.

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Writing as Meditation is a journal and guidebook to help you complete your writing goals in an intuitive and mindful way.


Editor and author coach, Caroline Smith, has taken the fundamental steps that authors can use as the foundation of good writing and applied them to this easy to use journal. You'll also find some of her favorite tips and tricks to turn you into the author you've always wanted to become: inspired and empowered.

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Perspective Parenting: A Mindful Approach to Single Parenting

Looking for a handbook on how to be a single parent to young children? Look no further. Perspective Parenting is a concise guide for the modern single parenting raising one or more children. Take a peek inside the life of a single, work-at-home mom of three. Caroline Smith shares her successes and her mistakes in parenting and will help you shift into a positive parenting mindset to benefit you and your children. Revised and expanded for 2020.

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