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Starting Somewhere

Where does your inspiration come from? Where do we finally get the gumption to push "start" on a new project? In some circles, this jumping off point is called our why. It's the culmination of passions and interests that finally takes us to the edge of that creative cliff where we have to choose to jump or turn around. Brave souls are willing to take the leap often into the unknown. Others will turn back, only to regret not jumping in the years to come. A handful of us, however, pack a map and a parachute in addition to a bag full of supplies so that we can be prepared for whatever lies ahead.

Many of us get so caught up in the planning that we forget to actually follow through with the end goal. The research overwhelms us and distracts us; we have too many ideas and can't pick just one; or we get stuck in what me might "need" to get us started. In the long run though, none of that matters. The simplest starting point is often the best one.

No matter what project you may be embarking on, the journey can start to feel lonely. Sometimes we just need a way to talk it out with someone. This can be a family member or friend, a group of other like-minded people, or a coach. It's important to remember that this process doesn't have to be solitary if we don't want it to be. Invite others to join you to share your fears, air your frustrations, and celebrate your victories.

Welcome to the beginning.

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